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Essential Steps to Obtain Your USAW Card for Practice

Follow these steps to obtain your membership:

Acquire a USA Wrestling Membership:

Start Here:

Purchase your USAW membership on

Complete the Registration:

After initiating the process, ensure you create and pay for an athlete membership for each wrestler. 


That is only your account number to log into the site.

You’re not done until you create and pay $$ for an athlete membership for each wrestler you have.

Account Setup:

On the USAW homepage, either create a free account (preferably under a parent’s name for easy management)

or log in if you already have one.

Profile Access:

Select “Go to profiles” to manage your wrestler’s information.

Profile Management:

Claim Profile:

For wrestlers with prior wrestling experience but not registered by you, search and claim their profile.

Update the necessary information.

Manage Profile:

If your wrestler is already registered and appears in your account, update their information. Ensure they are affiliated with our club (Organization ID: 2300079802).

New Profile:

For wrestlers in their first year with no prior experience, create a new profile and fill in all required details.

Membership Purchase and Renewal:

Navigate to “Manage” and then “Profiles”.

Select “Manage Profile” next to the wrestler’s name.

Click “Get Membership” and proceed with “Purchase/Renew” under Athlete.

Finalize Your Membership:

Follow the given instructions to finalize the Athlete membership purchase.

Club Affiliation:

During registration, affiliate with Betsu Wrestling Club (Organization ID: 2300079802).

You can update this later in the wrestler’s profile by clicking “Add Club Affiliation”.

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